Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Financial Management

Increasingly more so, organisations across a number of industries are seeking transformative finance talent to optimise costs, drive revenue growth, navigate complex M&A activities, and adapt to evolving government regulations. However, securing these specialised professionals can be a daunting task in a highly competitive talent market and the risks of getting it wrong are often significant.

CJPI navigate this through our executive search and succession services and stands as your trusted partner in the quest for exceptional finance talent.

With our extensive network of industry-leading professionals, deep market insights, and global reach, we are uniquely equipped to identify and secure the perfect candidates for your organisation.

We leverage these trusted networks and long-standing relationships to engage top finance talent, ensuring a discreet and personalised approach that aligns with your specific needs and interests.

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The types of roles we work with include;

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Finance Director

Corporate Finance Director

Head of Finance

M&A Director

Our Solutions

Executive Search

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Identifying & integrating leaders of the future inside and outside your business...


Helping you to grow, transform and manage change and challenges...

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