Medical Directors & Clinical Directors

The role of Medical Directors and Clinical Directors within healthcare have existed for some time, however, as the regulatory focus and operational pressures continue to increase, the role and impact of these clinical leaders has increased. Across public health systems, such as the NHS and the private sector, the need for regulatory compliance, quality and governance has never been more in the forefront.

Medical Directors and clinical leaders serve as the cornerstone of healthcare leadership, overseeing the clinical operations, quality assurance, and patient safety initiatives that underpin successful healthcare delivery. Their expertise increasingly must span a wide spectrum, encompassing clinical judgment and innovation, strategic planning, and the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams of leadership colleagues.

CJPI are uniquely placed to acquire diverse medical and clinical leaders by ensuring not only the right experience is brought into the organisation, but that they fit within a complex and often unique stakeholder environment.

the outside of a medical institution

The types of roles we work with include;

Medical Director

Clinical Director

Director of Clinical Governance

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Nursing Officer

Director of Nursing & Quality

Head of Quality & Care

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