Supply Chain & Procurement

The demand for exceptional supply chain and procurement leaders is at an all-time high. Organisations have come to recognise the immense value these professionals bring to the table, their ability to craft sustainable and innovative strategies that manage costs, mitigate supply chain risks, foster innovation, expedite product launches, and play a pivotal role in achieving overall environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

As a result, these leaders are highly sought after by companies across industries.

We understand the critical role supply chain and procurement leaders play in driving organisational success. Our experienced consultants, coupled with our ability to uncover deep industry insights, provide you with the unparalleled expertise and reach to identify and recruit the next generation of supply chain and procurement leaders.

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The types of roles we work with include;

Head of Procurement

Procurement Director

Head of Quality Assurance

Purchasing Manager

Head of Supply Chain

Supply Chain Director

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