Leadership Development & Board Advisory

We help to develop leaders, design your leadership structure and integrate and embed teams. 

Our team combine data, sophisticated tools, tried and tested methodologies and lived leadership experience to work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and goals - and design a solution that addresses them.

We understand that every organisation is different, which is why we take a personalised approach to executive development. Whether you're looking to improve collaboration, build trust, identify and integrate future leaders or enhance leadership skills, we have the expertise and resources to make significant impact.

Depending on your goals, we support with standalone or blended solutions ranging from leadership workshops, leadership personality profiling, board effectiveness, leadership design and identifying and integrating the leaders of the future through our succession solutions.


Boards of directors are facing increasingly higher expectations from both shareholders and society at large, driven by increased scrutiny of our institutions. Moreover, senior executives are increasingly seeking their boards' expertise and guidance to navigate the complexities of global and technological advancements, making better decisions, avoiding pitfalls, and securing growth and sustainability for the organisation.

Leadership Profiling

Using sophisticated tools, we unlock insights which show how each individual within a leadership team operates. We look at metrics including their coping style, selling style, subordinate style, management style and their team-role. This data is powerful to improve integration of boards and give insights to colleagues as to how their counterparts think and perform as it pertains to their own approach and personality traits.

Leadership Coaching

We help you to integrate and develop new and existing leaders, offering a structured and responsive supportive sounding board. Our hand-picked leadership coaches have lived leadership experience, they are not theorists and understand the delicate balance of leadership and management. Whether standalone or as part of an integrated solution, coaching is a powerful and measurable investment into individual leaders.

Leadership Design

Having an excellent organisational level strategy is critical, but having the right leaders, with the right skills, in the right roles is the only way to execute it. Whether alongside our executive search capability, or as a standalone service, we can help design the most effective leadership structure for your business and identify the personality traits, skills and experience required. Whether you are looking for development in the existing leadership structure, need support post-M&A or planning for growth, CJPI can help.

Board Effectiveness

Exceptional boards don't just monitor and evaluate management; they also have the willingness to pause and assess their own performance. A board review entails a professionally guided examination of the board of directors' structure, operations, effectiveness, and areas that could be enhanced. This process involves conducting individual and confidential interviews with the chairperson, CEO, and all board members.

Leadership Training

Providing individuals in leadership and management positions with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively manage and lead teams is important at all levels within an organisation. Identifying future leaders from within an organisation alone does not equip them to work at their best. We develop individual talent or teams of leaders and provide support trough highly credible, internationally recognised leadership education methodologies, specifically designed around your organisation's culture.

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