Board Effectiveness

Boards Beyond Governance

The effectiveness of a board of directors directly correlates with how successfully the board drives a business toward its goals. We use practical experience and powerful data together to help our clients go beyond basic compliance and ensure boards are diverse, integrate and work well together and share ideas.

What Is Board Effectiveness?

Board effectiveness boils down to a board's ability to fulfil its duties and responsibilities in a way that benefits the organisation. This means having the right people with diverse skills and experiences, strong collaboration and communication, and clear processes for making informed decisions. An effective board sets strategic direction, oversees management, promotes ethical conduct, and ultimately helps the organisation achieve its goals. Regular evaluation and improvement are crucial for maintaining effectiveness in a changing environment.

The most effective boards are ones that reflect on their structure and performance as well as that of the companies they steer. Our team work with clients to uncover insights which show how each member of a board fits dynamically into a team to improve empathy, inter-personal working and identify any potential areas for improvement or development.

How Board Effectiveness Consulting Helps

Uncover Team Role Dynamics

We use sophisticated tools to uncover the personality traits of each board member to improve integration of functional areas so that boards work better together.

Balancing Governance & Innovation

We review the balance of governance and innovation to ensure that boards are protecting shareholder interests, whilst driving innovation and growth.

Drive Performance

We look at how the vision of the board is cascaded to operational leaders and make sure that those channels are driving performance and reflect the desired culture of the business.

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