About CJPI

We guide our clients through their most critical decisions, help anticipate change and for growth and transformation. We do this through a unique blend of expertise, deep industry knowledge, and an entrepreneurial spirit that permeates every aspect of our work. CJPI's global reach, coupled with our strong network positions us as a trusted partner for a wide spectrum of clients, including public and private sector organisations.


Global Reach

Serving Clients Globally From The UK

Our team's experience extends across the globe with many of our projects being regional or global in scope - meaning we can support UK and global clients alike.

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we've worked with


different nationalities

of the projects we've worked on


are international in scope


Being courageous by doing what is best, not what is easiest.
Identify, advocate and execute to get the right result, for the right reasons.
Using sound judgement to get the best possible outcome.
Embrace technology and find new and improved ways of doing things.

Our Team

Chris Percival
Chris Percival
Founder & Managing Director

Combining the expertise of our team of business leaders, consultants, and industry leaders, we create tangible impact for our clients...