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"Having being mentored by Chris for over a year, I can vouch for his proficiency as a mentor and his consistency as a role model for entrepreneurs. Chris has an unshakeable integrity combined with a sharp business mind which has led to his success as a business person and mentor for other entrepreneurs. Thanks for your support Chris!"

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Chris Percival, Business Coach
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I'd define what I do as a combination of...

mentoring coaching troubleshooting consulting advising

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Who Am I?

I’m an entrepreneur and like most of us I have failed and I have succeeded - learning a huge amount on the journey.

I have been working with fellow entrepreneurs since I was invited to be part of the Virgin Startup mentoring scheme about 10 years ago, before I moved on to working privately with business coaching, consulting and mentoring clients around my own ventures.

I’ve been on the receiving end too, having been fortunate to spend time with some of the most incredible entrepreneurs all over the world.

I’m the Founder & MD at CJPI, where we work with some of the most ambitious and largest companies in the world to align their people and organisational strategies. Throughout my career, I have experienced the full lifecycle from startup, to national scale, private equity investment and exit.

I’m also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and have received recognition in various awards, including the Lloyd’s Bank Enterprise Awards, and the ’42 under 42′ by the Insider... Read More About Chris.

What I Help With?

What I do is probably best described as a blend of business coaching, mentoring and consulting - all rolled into one! I aim to bring practical, experience-led and fully tailored support on various areas, including things like:

General direction and strategy
Sales and growth strategies
Solving growing pains
Avoiding pitfalls
Dealing with people decisions and challenges
Helping with client challenges
Exit planning
Service/Product advice
Optimising your organisation
Fundraising decisions & process
Being a general sounding board!

Who, How & Where?

Who Is It For?

I’ve worked with clients across various industries from a few months to a few years. If you are starting, scaling, navigating challenges or thinking of exiting - let’s chat.

How Does It Work?

After our free discovery call, if you decide to move ahead, we have an initial kickoff session so I can understand the business as it stands today. This will take a couple of hours and culminate in the initial priorities we will work on.

This is followed by video calls at a frequency and duration we agree on - starting at 45 minutes per month.

We'll also keep in touch in between sessions to deal with anything which might come up that you need some quick input on - this can also be enhanced if required to include a more investive support package.

Where Do I Work?

All of our sessions are remote, one-to-one video calls to keep things nimble, cost-effective and focused. Depending on the package, we will then keep in touch in between calls via my personal WhatsApp or via email.

How Much Is It?

The first call is free. After that, a commercial relationship is important as it creates mutual commitment and accountability. However, I believe the return on investment I provide far exceeds the cost and if you don't agree, you can cancel at any time.

Monthly Cost Starts at…

£500per month

(Plus VAT)

This Includes:
Initial Kickoff Call
45 min Monthly Video Calls
Support In-Between Calls
Monthly Rolling Contract. Cancel Anytime.
More Intensive Packages Available

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"We complete on our deal tomorrow and I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us through some tough times and guiding us to where we wanted to be"


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