Psychometric Testing

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CJPI’s qualified test users deliver a range of professional, expert level psychometric and ability assessments. Our assessment products and solutions are carefully selected against your requirements to maximise your workplace performance and help to make critical people decisions.

Personality & Ability Psychometric Assessments

Our psychometric assessment solutions provide data-driven insights to optimise your workforce and help you make critical people decisions.

By bringing together a range of expert-level, professionally administered assessments, CJPI offers a comprehensive suite of assessments designed to identify the ideal candidates for any role, evaluate strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, predict future performance and cultural fit and support career development and coaching initiatives.

We identify the most suitable assessment, or test batteries, depending on your requirements and application, whether this be to develop and coach your team or make selection decisions. We combine industry-leading software, appropriate norm group referencing (including at the senior leadership level) and extended reporting by our qualified assessors.

Our Assessment Solutions

Occupational Personality Profile (OPP)
Developed from extensive research with major international organisations, the OPP provides a focussed assessment of personality traits of central importance, as well as exploring team-roles, subordinate and leadership styles.
Aptitude & Ability Assessments
We have a range of ability and aptitude assessments which, depending on your requirements can be selected to cover the necessary areas such as general, technical and critical reasoning, abstract reasoning and situational judgement, referenced against appropriate norm groups.
Preferences, Values & Motives
We have a range of assessments designed to provide a comprehensive assessment for career guidance and development, covering occupational interests, a measure of ‘personal work needs’ and core values and motives - including those focused on senior leadership roles.

Ideal Candidate Profiling

For our extended Occupational Personality Profile (OPP), we can generate an ideal candidate profile, which can be used as a comparative benchmark. We can generate this ideal profile based on actual respondent data (such as in succession planning), a theoretical ideal, or a combination of both.

We then use this to consider the similarity of each candidate assessed against the ideal profile. The output of this process is a visual comparison report for each candidate compared against the ideal profile, together with recommended probing questions based on what can be inferred from a comparison.

This is an unmatched and extremely powerful tool for contextual and data-supported decision-making in selection and other applications such as team development.

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