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Why ExecSteps by CJPI?

From job search strategies and interview prep to navigating challenges in your career, we are here to help...

ExecSteps is the private client solution developed by leading executive search firm CJPI as a focused solution for individual executives who are seeking access to the same quality of counsel and insights as our corporate clients when developing their own careers.

By leveraging our depth of expertise, knowledge and access to industry insights, we support independent executives who are seeking focused, confidential support from those who not only understand the executive market but are deep within it.

We can support you with your search for a new senior role, an upcoming interview, a challenge you are facing or even a longer-term project to help get you up the career ladder.

How Our Career Coaching Works

Bespoke Packages, Powerful Results

Our services for private clients are delivered by our senior team or one of our hand-picked executive coaches and therefore have limited availability.

Next Steps

For those who are serious about taking the next steps in their executive job search.

Sessions Can Include:

Big Steps

For those who need end-to-end job search, interview, offer and transition support or something completely customised for you. Whether you are looking for support going from board director to CEO or want intensive full support on your job search, we will build a package around you.

Fully Bespoke Package Built For You, For As Long As You Need

Who You'll Work With

Experience, Not Theory

Depending on your goals, we will match you with an executive coach with peer-level experience, or one of our experienced executive headhunters.

First Hand Market Insight

We are not just in tune with the executive job market, we are a fundamental partner in it, so we have real, live market intelligence not just third-party insights.

Bespoke and Unique

Whilst our packages differ by the number of sessions offered, our input is built entirely around what you need from the outset for maximum impact and value.

We Cut Out Guesswork

We know what employers want as we recruit for them. We provide you with the knowledge and tools to take your next steps in a career search or to make a change.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are focused on the executive market and our consultants and coaches are all experienced leaders themselves. We are happy to support those who are looking to develop from mid-level careers up to executive level and c-suite. However, we do not accept any private clients who are active candidates for any live roles for which CJPI are acting on behalf of a client.

Coaching is a process used to develop people’s skills and abilities, and boost performance. It can also help deal with issues and challenges.

A coaching session will typically take place as a conversation between the coach and the coachee and it focuses on helping the coachee discover answers based on their objectives.

Our coaches differ in the sense that they are not simply theorists. They are peer-leaders who have been where you have been, or they are experienced executive search professionals who not only understand the market – but are fundamental to it. Depending on your objectives, we will assign the best person for your needs.

Not at all. From the information you share we will know what areas you are keen to address. Whilst our focus is on job searches and career development at executive/senior level, our team can help with much more diverse and broad specific matters should you wish.

Of course, most of our clients start with a First Steps call to see how things work with the coach they are assigned. From there, it is common for a customised package to be agreed for continued support depending on your specific objectives. In other cases, the value private clients get from a power-hour is sufficient.

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