Leadership Development Healthcare

Consulting Case Study

The Project
This project was for a healthcare provider who was looking for leadership development for their leadership team.
Our Client
Our client was a healthcare provider who operates various NHS funded care solutions across one region of the UK.
The Challenge
As part of a wider strategic review, we identified that the existing leadership team could benefit from a leadership development program to align the senior leadership team and promote best practices. Many of the leaders were from a a clinical background so whilst highly experienced in their field, they had not previously had formal leadership training.
Our Solution
Our in-house accredited leadership development trainer designed a bespoke program for the client for “Leadership, Management & Winning Teams”. The workshop took place over two days for all senior leaders in the organisation and included the use of Occupational Personality Profiling (OPP) of those attending as a tool to understand different leadership and subordinate personalities. The program included the following objectives, tools and skills: Identify typical characteristics of ‘best’ and ‘worst’ managers Understand the difference between Management & Leadership Appreciate the principles of leadership Fully understand Action Centred Leadership™ or ACL® Adopt an effective and professional interviewing technique Identify different styles of leadership and the situations to which they are appropriate Understand personality / behavioural styles within the team and how to adapt to each Encourage and sustain an ‘achievement culture’ within the team Appreciate the principles of motivation and become more effective in motivating individuals Manage your time and activities effectively Carry out ‘one to one’ reviews Develop others by being an effective ‘coach’