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Executive Search Case Study

Executive Search
Our Client
Our client was a digital technology provider operating SAAS and similar solutions for large and small businesses. They were looking for a high-performing sales director to lead the commercial strategy of the business to take it to the next level.
The Role
Following our research with the client, we identified that the role needed a strong track record in commercial leadership within similar organisations and the key ability to adapt this experience to the clients market. The successful candidate therefore needed to be experienced, but be able to fit into a dynamic, nimble and entrepreneurial company. Additionally, as this was a hands-on leadership role it required strong functional skills in high-value sales – whilst also being an effective leader of the sales and commercial teams.
The Team
Our team was headed by a Search Director with deep expertise in the industry. They were supported by an Assistant, Researcher, Interview Expert and Psychometric Profiling Practitioner.
The Solution
CJPI’s Executive Search Consultancy combined active sourcing (headhunting) and an advertising selection strategy to identify potential candidates. The active sourcing approach focused on candidates from the sector who we had identified through our research phase, applying our deep understanding of the space and identifying Sales Directors who had scaled with companies in a similar way. Our advertising strategy complemented this by attracting passive candidates from associated sectors or who met the criteria. We deployed our specialist sales focused occupational personality profile to assess leadership traits and an integrated range of personality and motivational characteristics that represent a tendency towards effective sales behaviour. This revealed the likelihood candidates may exhibit certain types of sales related behaviour together with leadership traits given the seniority of the role. We use this to identify potential gaps in performance to inform and support selection decisions.
The Result
Following our longlisting and sales focused personality profiling, we selected candidates for subsequent shortlisting. These final candidates were selected for final interview. Using all of the tools, together with our recommendations and the feedback from our occupational personality expert, the successful candidate was offered the role, and accepted.