Transformation Tech Startup

Consulting Case Study

The Project
This project was for a technology startup who required strategy consulting and transformation support.
Our Client
Our client was a fast-growing London tech startup who operate within the b2c tech space.
The Challenge
We were initially tasked with troubleshooting on behalf of the shareholders who were concerned around an increasing overhead and poor profitability and growth.
Our Solution
We undertook a comprehensive review of all departments, across all sites of the business. Working with various staff groups to understand the functions and infrastructure within the business we were able to identify potential synergies, improvements and productivity/output of each team. The output of this work centred around a workshop with the shareholders to report our findings and make recommendations. These recommendations included a restructure of the leadership team, and some other re-direction of non-productive investment into certain functions with a view to improving growth and return on capital employed. This review ultimately morphed into a piece of transformation work with the client to take forward many of these recommendations – which resulted in a return to profitability and significant increase in revenue over the proceeding 18 months. The client experienced a swing from break-even to a seven-figure EBIT in just 12-months following the project. The project also resulted in an increase in team engagement due to the changes in leadership design.