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Finding exceptional leaders is challenging, and identifying the perfect fit for your organisation's unique DNA is even harder. Our executive search consultants specialise in recruiting outstanding board members, senior leaders and managers in the UK and globally, in as little as 6 weeks.


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Success Rate

100% of retained searches resulted in an appointment in 2023


Passive Candidates

90% of candidates weren’t looking for a new role when we headhunted them


Offer In 6 Weeks

85% of all searches reach offer stage within just 6 weeks

You get one shot at great leadership...

... that's why we find talent you didn't know existed and carry out assessments to reveal the best fit for your organisation...

CJPI is an executive search firm that partners with clients across all industries and functional areas to recruit the most extraordinary, transformative leadership talent that makes a profound impact on your organisation.

Often, the ideal candidate is not the most obvious one, and there is more to leadership recruitment than a job advert and crossed fingers.

We combine our deep functional and leadership experience with our winning search methodology and powerful tools to research, actively headhunt, profile and appoint the best talent for your business - wherever they may be, and irrespective of whether they are actively looking for a role.

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combining experience, science and our winning methodology

This is where the executive search process starts and where we really get to understand your organisation, your culture, your team and your strategic objectives for the role we are recruiting for as well as your wider ambitions. We put all of this, and our own research together to build our search strategy and uncover a powerful market map of potential talent. Our dedicated research team leave no stone unturned when mapping out every potential high-performance candidate.
Our search goes way beyond job adverts and recycled candidate databases. In short, our research dictates direction and uncovers a talent map - then our search delivers on it. We actively approach identified candidates, run compelling campaigns to attract those candidates and network nationally and internationally to make sure we find an incredible shortlist of candidates which are not just good, but are the very best candidates available for the specific role and organisational culture.
We use extended Occupational Personality Profiling, administered by our trained experts as an integral part of our assessments. This unlocks unmatched insights tailored to the specifics of the role and referenced against a 'norm group' of senior leaders. Where appropriate, we also generate an 'ideal candidate' profile to benchmark longlisted candidates against. This is particularly helpful when contrasting candidates to an incumbent in succession hires and to contextualise candidates.
Interviews & Assessments
We build an interview and assessment process specific to the role. We typically take the reins with screening, assessments and interviews until we have a final shortlist which is fully assessed against the strategic approach and the requirements of the role. Once we have completed shortlisting, we work with you to arrange interview structure and schedule your final interviews. Depending on the role, we also have a range of ability assessments referenced against senior leader norm groups.
Post-Placement Support
Once we have completed the project, we support with the administrative process of onboarding and the integration of your new team member. We are on hand to make sure things work out and can offer more formal support where required with areas such as onboarding, executive coaching and transition support. However, we know that on rare occasions things don't work out - even with the most robust process - so we are here for you then too and we will work hard to make things right!
Our Placement Guarantee
We understand that when working with a professional partner, you want to make sure they take their fair share of the risk and that we underpin our commitment to a successful outcome. We're so confident in the outcomes we produce that we offer a placement guarantee for all retained searches, meaning that if the selected candidate doesn't work out during the placement guarantee period, we will replace them with no additional charge - sharing the risk and reward as true partners.

Why Work With CJPI?

We're a boutique firm with an innovative approach, big-firm thinking and laser focus. Whether you are a startup or one of the largest organisations in the world, you have our unwavering attention from start to finish.

From C-Suite recruitment and board placements to senior operational leaders, our mission is to find you the best individual player and ensure they will fit into your orchestra.

Our passion goes beyond filling positions; it's about building great teams and aligning your organisational objectives with the best talent to deliver them. We leverage our extensive network and use exhaustive market research and the latest advanced assessment tools to uncover hidden talent traditional recruitment methods miss.

Over 90% of successful candidates we place are not actively seeking a new role when we contact them, meaning you gain access to talent you wouldn't find alone, or from a traditional recruiter relying on a database of active candidates.

Placement Guarantee
If the candidate we place doesn't stay, we replace them for free.
Bespoke Proposal
Proposals built around what you need, not what everyone else does.
12+ Years Experience
Our team have on average over 12 years of experience in senior level recruitment.

Diversity & Inclusion In Executive Recruitment

At CJPI we firmly believe that diverse teams are essential to drive success and innovation. Our approach is grounded in these values, and we are dedicated to upholding them in every facet of our work. We actively seek out and engage with candidates from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that our talent pool represents a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. Our promise is to find the best candidates, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disabilities or age.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Executive Search

We've written a couple of articles about this, such as the one here. To summarise, aside from the significant cost of a bad hire, the reasons you should partner with a professional firm range from; our extensive networks, access to specialist tools, and expertise in recruiting strategically significant roles - all of which you probably don't have in-house.

Even if you did have all of this expertise in-house, one huge issue remains: The best candidates for the job probably won't engage with you directly...

Executive search firms help companies find and hire the best candidates for senior roles, including C-suite search and director level leadership recruitment. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and culture, and then develop a customised search strategy.

Executive search firms gain a deep understanding of the industries and roles they work with, and they have access to a wide network of qualified candidates. They also have the expertise to assess candidates' skills, experience, and fit for the role and the company.

Executive search firms typically handle all aspects of the hiring process, from developing the job description to headhunting, screening candidates and conducting interviews to negotiating compensation. They can also help with onboarding and other post-hire tasks. Read more about what executive search firms do.

Executive search firms will normally quote their fees as either a percentage or fixed fee for a search. The fee is typically based on a percentage of the candidates remuneration.

For retained searches, payments are generally split into three payment milestones, with the first third falling due on instruction, the second third on delivery of the shortlist, and the final fee following selection of the successful candidate. Read more about retained search fees.

CJPI break each search into the following main phases of our powerful executive search methodology.

  1. Research Phase - This is where we really get to understand your organisation, your culture, and your strategic objectives for the role we are searching for. We take this, as well as our own independent research to craft our search strategy. This is also where we produce the materials we will use for the search, such as the candidate briefing pack, ideal candidate profile and role micro-site on our CJPI website.
  2. Search Phase - This is where we put our active sourcing methodology into action. This includes traditional ‘headhunting’, data-driven paid advertising strategies, together with other omni-channel strategies to exhaustively address the identified market wherever it may be, globally.
  3. Longlisting Phase / Occupational Personality Assessments - Our panel review each candidate generated from the search phase and invite those most closely aligned to the requirements of the role to a panel interview with CJPI. This allows us to really understand them, their experience and skills, and assess how this matches with your objectives, the specification of the role and the culture within your organisation. Candidates are then to complete an Occupational Personality Profile (OPP), our highly sophisticated psychometric. Where appropriate, we benchmark the candidate against an incumbent or a theoretical ideal. We exclusively use senior leadership ‘norm’ in these.
  4. Shortlisting Phase - Following the longlist interviews and assessments, we take the highest performing candidates (normally 3-6) and present our shortlist report to you.
  5. Final Client Interviews - We will arrange your 1st client interviews with the shortlisted candidates and brief you on each of them. You may wish to see one or more candidates for a 2nd interview, which we will arrange during our 1st interview debrief.
  6. Offer Made / Process Conclusion - Once the process has concluded and you have decided on the successful candidate, we will work with you to transition them into their new role.

As part of our research phase, we create our timeline and deliverables document which sets the pace of the search. The timescales we set depend on the specific role, industry and the talent pool identified within our research phase to ensure that the search is optimal and exhaustive.

However, our focus and team structure means that the majority of our searches are completed within 4-8 weeks from initiation to making an offer to the successful candidate.

Here are some of the key benefits of working with an executive search firm:

  • Access to a wider pool of qualified candidates
  • Expertise in assessing candidates for senior roles
  • Customised search strategy that aligns with your company's needs and culture
  • Objective and discreet counsel
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Access to specialist assessment tools to reveal insights unavailable to employers directly

We cover all sectors and functional areas. Our search methodology is industry-agnostic and we don't rely on a recycled database of sector-specific candidates.

We have particular expertise in private equity and equity backed ventures, professional services, financial services, healthcare and industrial.

The talent market changes constantly so we research the market with a fresh perspective for every search to make sure we look at every potential candidate out there at that point in time.

This means we are able to work with the most unique and specialist leadership roles as well as all major functional areas. We are known for bringing a creative approach to exhaustive mapping and addressing talent markets.