Unlock Deeper Insights With Our Occupational Personality Profile (OPP)

Unlock Deeper Insights With Our Occupational Personality Profile (OPP)

An occupational personality profile (OPP), sometimes called a psychometric test or occupational assessment is a tool used in recruitment and development. It evaluates a person’s personality traits, interests, values, and behavioural tendencies that are relevant to job performance. An OPP reveals a person’s strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as their potential for success in various occupations.

Some psychometric reports are detailed, balanced and helpful – whilst, admittedly, others offer very limited insights. They can also be riddled with negatively positioned traits which offer little in the way of practical assistance and utility.

The Occupational Personality Profile Expert Extended Report

The Occupational Personality Profile Expert Extended Report, or OPP (Expert) for short, is an advanced OPP offered by CJPI. It offers a more in-depth analysis of an individual’s personality, extending to their job preferences and performance. It also assesses how a personality fits within various team roles, leadership, within a team, and as a subordinate. The test itself is quickly, and professionally administered online, and the output is a comprehensive, well-presented report.

Developed from extensive research with global organisations, the OPP (Expert) has several utilities when used professionally by trained experts. This includes;

  1. Specified Reference Groups – by utilising various “norms” for Senior Leaders or General Managers, the OPPro Expert Extended is targeted specifically against an appropriate benchmark. This will depend on the seniority of the person, and use.
  2. Career Coaching – Using an OPP in career coaching helps individuals identify career paths that match their personality traits and values.
  3. Recruitment and selectionCJPI’s Executive Search Practice uses our OPP (Expert) Extended reports to assess job applicants’ suitability for a particular role. We use it at the shortlist stage, ensuring a good fit between the individual and the job. Our extended report also includes potential interview questions the interviewer may want to use to probe certain traits identified.
  4. Leadership Development – Occupational personality profiles can help managers identify areas where employees can improve their skills and work more effectively. This often leads to higher job satisfaction and better performance.
  5. Team Building – An occupational personality profile can help team leaders understand the dynamics of their team, each team member’s subordinate style, team role and identify areas of strength and weakness, and develop strategies to improve team performance.

Benchmark OPP Expert Reports

We are also able to use the power of these insights in specific ways in our OPP suite of reports. The most notable example is Succession Planning, where we can benchmark an incumbent (or theoretical ideal) and assess candidates against these. As you can see in the example below, we can overlay each candidate against the ideal profile generated for the specific role. This gives an overall similarity (in this sample, that is 39% likeness). The report then goes into detail on each of the areas we assess to provide interview questions to ‘probe’ these areas and bridge this theoretical delta.

You can download a sample of our full Ideal Profile Report on our Psychometric Assessments Page.


Overall, CJPI’s OPP (Expert) Extended report is a cut above the rest when it comes to psychometric testing. It reveals deep insights into personality traits which have strong utility and are highly reliable. It can also provide valuable insights into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, coping styles, leadership and subordinate styles. This can help both individuals and organisations make better-informed decisions about career choices, recruitment, leadership structures, team dynamics and development.

If you would like to find out more about our professionally administered standalone OPP (Expert) Extended Report, see a sample report, or talk to us about how we can support you with using this as a tool within our wider leadership development, executive search or organisational design, contact us today.

Chris Percival
Chris Percival
Founder & Managing Director

Chris is the Founder & Managing Director of CJPI and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership.

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