Why You Should Probably Not Send A Speculative CV or Email To An Executive Search Firm

Why You Should Probably Not Send A Speculative CV or Email To An Executive Search Firm

In today’s competitive job market, it’s common for job seekers to explore different avenues to secure their dream roles. One such avenue is sending speculative CVs to executive search firms, hoping to catch the attention of recruiters. However, while it may seem like a proactive approach, there are significant pitfalls associated with this strategy outside of a formal process where firms can consider speculative applications.

If you are contacting an executive search consultant as a result of a role you know they are actively working on, and you have the skills and experience to meet the needs of their client – then go ahead, they would always welcome you reaching out. However, if you are simply emailing them asking for a coffee, a chat, or to discuss with an executive search professional as you are looking for your next role – then, never, ever, go there.

The Risks of Speculative CVs to Executive Search: A Professional Perspective

From the perspective of executive search firms, receiving unsolicited CVs which do not relate to a search project they are working on can be burdensome. Executive search firms operate based on specific client requirements and tailored searches – they find candidates for clients, not jobs for candidates. When CVs arrive out of the blue, it disrupts their focus on their existing assignments and they are forced to spend valuable time reviewing CVs that may not align with any current opportunities. This can result in a negative perception of the candidate, as it shows a lack of understanding of the executive search process and a disregard for the firm’s expertise.

3 Convincing Arguments against Sending Unsolicited CVs to Executive Search Consultants

  1. Limited Relevance – When you send a speculative CV to executive search firms, you have no guarantee that your skills and experience match their current assignments. This lack of relevance can harm your chances of being considered for future opportunities that better align with your profile. It’s crucial to remember that executive search firms are not job boards, and their focus is on specific client mandates rather than general recruitment. Remember, they are retained to find the very best candidates on the market for clients, not find jobs for candidates!
  2. Missed Personalisation – Tailoring your CV to a specific role and company is essential for creating a strong first impression. However, when sending speculative CVs, it’s nearly impossible to customise your application to each firm’s unique requirements. This lack of personalisation can make your CV appear generic and decrease your chances of standing out among other candidates. This often gives the impression that you need “any job”, not a role in which their client is heavily invested, with significant strategic relevance for their business.
  3. Negative Perception – Unsolicited CVs can be perceived as pushy or intrusive by executive search firms. Rather than demonstrating a proactive approach, it may come across as an attempt to bypass the formal recruitment process. This negative perception can harm your professional reputation and decrease your chances of being considered for future opportunities.

Why It’s Wise to Avoid Speculative CVs to Executive Search: Expert Insights

According to industry experts, it’s advisable to avoid sending speculative CVs to executive search firms. These firms have established processes and channels for sourcing suitable candidates, and they prefer to work in a targeted manner. Instead of blindly reaching out, it’s more effective to build relationships with executive search consultants through networking events, industry conferences, or online platforms such as LinkedIn. By developing a rapport and demonstrating your expertise within your industry, you are more likely to be considered for relevant opportunities when they arise.

While the idea of proactively reaching out to executive search consultants may seem enticing, the risks associated with sending speculative CVs outweigh the potential benefits. These firms have specific mandates and tailored searches, and it’s crucial to respect their processes and focus on building relationships instead… the one caveat to this is if the firm has a formal process through which you can submit a speculative application!

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