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We serve clients across the South West including Bristol, Plymouth and Southampton

Executive Search Firm Bristol & South West

As a prominent executive search firm, CJPI collaborates with businesses across the South West region.

The South West is home to a multitude of large and successful companies, along with a thriving SME sector. The region is also emerging as a hub for innovation and technology and has a range of aerospace, electronics, manufacturing and tourism industries.

The South West is considered a great place to start or grow a business. The region has a strong economy, a diverse business landscape, and a number of organisations that provide support to businesses.

Through our service areas—executive search, succession planning, leadership development, and consulting—we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients in the South West.

With each client, we meticulously understand their unique requirements and craft a customised solution that aligns with their strategic aspirations.

Leveraging our extensive network of connections across the UK and globally, our team is uniquely positioned to identify and attract the most qualified and sought-after leadership talent for our clients.

What We Do

Executive Search

Finding the best leaders for your organisation who fit your culture…


Identifying & integrating leaders of the future inside & outside your business...


Helping to align people and organisational strategy to optimise performance…

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