Leadership Profiling & Due Diligence

Understand People, Rationalise Goals
We help organisations or investors to understand the profile of their leadership team and understand the ability of a team and organisation to deliver a growth plan. From standalone leadership profiling to working with venture and private equity investors for management due diligence, we combine experience and sophisticated tools to reveal unmatched insights, backed by lived leadership experience.

What Is Leadership Profiling?

Leadership profiling is a process of assessing an individual's strengths, weaknesses, ability and natural tendencies in the context of leadership, and where the context permits - within a team environment. This is typically done through assessment tools and interviews and aims to uncover key characteristics like decision-making style, communication skills, leadership style, subordinate style and team role. The resulting profile provides a detailed set of insights from which organisations can make informed decisions.

We can use this data for standalone extended reporting, or for benchmarking against an incumbent or ideal profile.

Depending on the role and context, we combine expert level occupational personality profiling and ability profiles referenced against relevant norm-groups such as senior leadership.

What Sets CJPI Apart

Combined Expertise
Depending on the objectives, we bring expertise from across our leadership, executive search and consultancy capabilities to ensure we have the approprate span of experience.
Bespoke Approach
Every requirement is different and each team dynamic varies considerably. We therefore ensure that we bring together the people, tools and data which match the objectives.
Unmatched Tools
Our norm group data sets are exclusively based on senior leaders, so we not only reveal powerful insights, but obtain them in a highly targeted and robust way.

Our Approach To Profiling & Management Due Diligence


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