Talent Mapping

We Uncover What Is Out There
A simple job advert yields a fraction of the potential talent for any role as you are limiting your reach to those actively looking for a role right now - not considering all of the best talent in the market. Using the same research and market mapping capability as we use in our executive search projects, our team bring to life bespoke talent insights or talent market maps.

What Is Talent Mapping?

Talent mapping is a strategic process where our experienced research team help to manage our client's talent needs proactively. It often involves analysing the current workforce's skills and potential, identifying future talent requirements, and developing strategies to recruit and retain. Through confidential market research conducted by our experienced research team and headhunters, we provide competitor insights in real-time, helping you better understand the talent landscape in your sector and make more proactive hiring decisions, instead of reacting from a standing start when vacancies arise.

We use talent mapping for projects such as breaking into new international markets, restructuring or setting up new divisions or services. By utilising a wider approach, we can incorporate new team formation, leveraging talent mapping, culture and dynamics assessments and executive search. We also support clients in narrower-scope projects such as compensation benchmarking, competitor research and market insights.

Talent Mapping Solutions

Compensation Benchmarking
Whether it is an individual executive or an organisation wide review, we help clients to understand their compensation scheme against their peers in the market to help recruit and retain talent.
Market Research
By uncovering the potential talent map for a group of roles or a specific role, we can benchmark external talent against internal talent as a prerequisite to executive search.
Competitor Analysis
We can uncover competitor talent maps, organisational design and their functional makeup to support decision making by our clients. This can be market wide or more targeted.

Our Approach To Talent Mapping


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