Professional Search & Recruitment

It’s Recruitment,
But Not As You Know It.

Our Professional Search solution is focused on mid-level management, experienced professional roles and future leaders. It brings capabilities and methodologies from our executive search practice which go beyond traditional recruitment methods, for those hard-to-fill roles.


We Go Beyond Job Boards & Databases

We take time to understand your business, the vacancy and the market in order to craft our talent research strategy. Our dedicated research team conduct detailed market mapping, leaving no stone unturned to identify every potential high-performance candidate, whether they are actively seeking a new role or not.
Our search goes way beyond job boards. We combine compelling campaigns to attract active job seekers, together with active sourcing to proactively connect with the talent identified during our research phase. The result of which is an exhaustive long-list of qualified candidates who meet the role criteria.
We take identified candidates through a bespoke selection process according to the role. By combining interviews and the most powerful functional and personality assessments, we develop a process which combine data and expert advice from experienced consultants to arrive at a final shortlist for your consideration.

How Does Professional Search Work?

When it comes to specialist professionals, mid-level managers and future leaders - the talent pool is often small, the importance of getting it right is high, and the responsiveness of job adverts and traditional recruitment methods is less effective. For these roles, most of the potential talent pool is not active in the job market and selection becomes more complex.

This is where our Professional Search solution comes in.

We work to understand the specifics of the role and your unique DNA to formulate what success looks like. Leveraging our executive search capabilities, we produce a detailed market map of all potential talent who meet your criteria. By combining active sourcing and compelling campaigns we attract candidates not actively seeking new roles and use powerful assessments and profiling to ensure they fit within your culture.

Because our methodology is industry and functionally agnostic, it takes a fresh view of the talent landscape at the start of each search and does not rely on an old, recycled list of candidates. This means we find candidates that traditional recruitment methods are likely to miss.

Our Approach To Professional Search


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Diversity & Inclusion In Professional Search

At CJPI we firmly believe that diverse teams are essential to drive success and innovation. Our approach is grounded in these values, and we are dedicated to upholding them in every facet of our work. We actively seek out and engage with candidates from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that our talent pool represents a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. Our promise is to find the best candidates, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disabilities or age.

Our Recent Professional Search Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions For Professional Search

Due to the nature of the process, it is very effective but requires a focused and detailed approach. We typically work on roles with an advertised salary level of £60,000 and greater. The nature of the roles we work on is broad and covers for example; mid-level management, professional services, legal, accounting, finance, consulting and a variety of specialist roles.
As part of our research phase, we create our timeline and deliverables document which sets the pace of the search. The timescales we set depend on the specific role, industry and the talent pool identified within our research phase to ensure that the search is optimal and exhaustive. However, our focus and team structure means that the majority of our searches are completed within 4-8 weeks from initiation to making an offer to the successful candidate.

Here are some of the key benefits of working with a search firm:

  • Access to a wider pool of qualified candidates
  • Expertise in assessing candidates for senior roles
  • Customised search strategy that aligns with your company's needs and culture
  • Objective and discreet counsel
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Access to specialist assessment tools to reveal insights unavailable to employers directly

We cover all sectors and functional areas. Our winning search methodology is industry-agnostic and we don’t rely on a recycled database of sector-specific candidates.

The talent market changes constantly so we research the market with a fresh perspective for every search to make sure we look at every potential candidate out there at that point in time.

This means we are able to work with the most unique and specialist roles as well as all major functional and professional areas. We are known for bringing a creative approach to exhaustive mapping and addressing talent markets.