Private Equity Executive Search The Talent Difference

Private Equity Executive Search – The Talent Difference

The days when private equity firms could rely solely on strategy and operational and financial improvements are over.

In a more mature and competitive deal environment, talent has become a critical differentiator, whether this be to support fast-growing venture-backed assets by making sure talent continues to fuel growth and not be consumed by it, or in succession planning for founders and other key leadership roles.

Executive Search and Private Equity

PE firms and venture capital professionals understand that the right leadership can propel a portfolio company forward. However, identifying these leaders is a challenge, and making sure they fit within the dynamic is critical to the optimal function of a management team.

The best talent is often discreetly employed and in high demand, the more senior the role the bigger of a problem this becomes. Traditional recruitment methods often fall short in this competitive landscape, particularly within fiercely competitive environments where people are hesitant to engage directly with internal talent teams even if a role openly exists which may be of interest.

Executive search firms such as CJPI are often the perfect professional partners for private equity leadership teams in this scenario. They have a deep understanding of the expectations of investment-backed ventures, a vast network of high-calibre executives and the ability to exhaustively map and headhunt the potential market – leaving no stone unturned.

This allows them to:

  • Target the right fit: Search firms go beyond job boards and CVs, and meticulously assess cultural fit, leadership style, and industry expertise to identify executives who align with the portfolio company’s vision and PE firm’s goals – making sure they align with the rest of the management team and the wider organisational ambition.
  • Confidentiality and Discretion: They approach potential candidates confidentially, ensuring minimal disruption to current roles while attracting talent interested in a new challenge. It is proven that experienced leaders are far more likely to engage with a professional search firm than they are with an internal talent team or PE representative directly.
  • Faster Turnarounds: We understand that time is money, especially in the PE world. Search firms can expedite the recruitment process and avoid the potential wasted time from bad hires, allowing portfolio companies to quickly onboard new leadership and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Beyond Recruitment


The benefits extend further than simply filling positions, too. Search firms act as strategic partners, providing PE firms with valuable insights on areas like market trends – offering a real-time perspective on the talent pool within a specific industry, and helping PE firms make informed decisions about leadership needs.

Search firms are also uniquely placed to advise on compensation packages and leadership structures to ensure portfolio companies remain competitive in attracting the right talent.


Succession planning is another key area which often extends to external talent benchmarking and internal assessment and development – making sure that future leaders are ready to take the reins based on the timescales and where you are at within the business and investment lifecycle.

Management Effectiveness & Fit

By using advanced assessments – including ideal candidate benchmark profiling – professionally administered psychometrics offer an objective contribution to professional experience. At CJPI we can measure things like team roles, subordinate and leadership styles with a high degree of reliability. This uncovers unmatched insights to confirm selection or development decisions and ensure that the right balance of challenge, accountability and vision is held by key players within the management team – all whilst retaining a balance of risk management and optimal ambition.

How Can CJPI Help?

We support the leadership strategies of our private equity clients through either standalone solutions or by bringing together bespoke solutions – enabling firms and their portfolio companies to leverage talent to mitigate risk and accelerate value creation.

We do this by helping clients to:

  • Find the best leadership talent through Executive Search
  • Identify and prepare future leaders who align with the lifecycle and organisational objectives, through Succession Planning Consulting, and Leadership Development.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of organisations and their leadership teams, support with cultural alignment and other powerful solutions through our suite of leadership consulting.

If you are looking for support with aligning your investment strategy with the right people to execute it, please contact us to arrange a consultation with our Managing Director.

Chris Percival
Chris Percival

Chris is the Founder & Managing Director of CJPI and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership.

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