How Professional Search Can Help When Traditional Recruitment Methods Can't

How Professional Search Can Help When Traditional Recruitment Methods Can’t

Traditional recruitment methods like job boards, social media and even database contingent recruitment agencies are familiar, efficient, and can often generate a decent pool of candidates.

But what happens when that pool dries up or your role is more specialist? This is where professional search steps in.

The Limitations of Traditional Methods

Traditional recruitment methods often attract candidates who are actively looking for a new job. This can be great for general positions, but it misses out on a significant pool of talent: the passive candidates. These are high-performing individuals who are content in their current roles but might be open to the right opportunity. They’re not active on job boards, but they might be receptive to a well-crafted, confidential approach from a professional search firm.

Studies show around 30% of professionals are active in the job market, whether they are open to a new role or actively seeking one. This means around 70% of an average pool of professional candidates are probably not going to see your job adverts.

The Power of Professional Search

Professional search firms take the time to understand your industry, the specific skills you need, and use the same research and market mapping capability found in executive search when looking for very senior hires. They know how to identify the best people, and how to find them – whether they are looking for a new role or not.

Here’s some key reasons that professional search can help:

  • Search firms leverage their extensive networks and comprehensive research to find the perfect candidates, even if they’re not applying elsewhere or actively looking at opportunities.
  • They go beyond CVs with thorough occupational assessments to uncover the ideal fit for your company’s culture and specific needs.
  • Search firms are skilled negotiators who can present your offer in the most attractive light, whilst allowing a professional, neutral and confidential platform to explore the opportunity.

Beyond the CV and Cover Letter

Professional search goes beyond just skills and experience. Search firms take the time to understand your company culture, values, and strategic goals. This allows them to identify candidates who are a good fit not just on paper, but also in terms of their personality, work style, and long-term vision.

To validate this, they use sophisticated tools such as Occupational Personality Profiling to compare candidates against the ‘ideal candidate’.

The ROI of Professional Search

While there’s an investment involved, professional search can deliver a significant return. By finding the right candidate who can quickly become productive, you save time and money on training and lost productivity.

In many cases the investment in Professional Search when compared with traditional agency recruitment is not materially greater as the investment tends to be based on a percentage of remuneration for the role. However, Professional Search firms will work on a retained, exclusive basis to ensure the appropriate focus and results.

Final Thoughts

When traditional methods are not delivering results, professional search can be the game-changer you need. With their targeted approach, in-depth evaluation, and skilled negotiation, they can help you find the perfect talent which you may not have known existed!

So, if you’re struggling to fill a critical role, please contact us to discuss how our professional search solution can help.

Chris Percival
Chris Percival
Founder & Managing Director

Chris is the Founder & Managing Director of CJPI and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership.

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