Non-Executive Search & Recruitment

The expectations placed on boards by shareholders, stakeholders and the public are greater than they have ever been.

Non-Executive Director (NED) and Non-Executive Chair roles require individuals with strong governance and a strong fit. They are pivotal in ensuring companies are well-run, ready for the future and able to meet expectations.

We use our winning search methodology to find the right balance of experience, character, skills and diversity to fit each individual board dynamic.

We Find Non-Executives Which Truly Fit Your Journey

Having a cohesive and high-performing board of directors with a wide range of talent, experience and diversity is crucial. As the landscape of governance continues to transform, so too must the Boards of organisations.

Boards must also keep stride, empowering CEO’s and management teams to confront intricate challenges and consider the interests of all stakeholders throughout the process. Envisioning the questions of tomorrow while operating effectively today necessitates exceptional alignment, courage, vision, and a shared sense of responsibility and purpose.

We don’t just find you a great name to showcase on your website or someone who will tick a box. We support Boards to find non-executive talent which becomes a fundamental part of your journey and brings the right skills, experience and cultural alignment.

Optimal Fit Goes Beyond Experience & Skills Alone

Board Profiling

Using sophisticated personality profiling we profile each of the board members to inform each members leadership style, subordinate style and team role. We then use this data and the strategic objectives to reveal the requirements of the non-executive vacancy as well as the likely best fit for the incoming non-executive chair or director.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Using our board profiling data we then generate an ideal candidate profile which generates a bespoke benchmark to assess candidates against during our search. For succession roles, we also bring in data to understand the existing post-holders skills, experience and personality profile.

Search & Selection

Once we have the ideal balance of skills, experience, character and personality fit, we undertake exhaustive research to map the talent market against the skills and experience required to generate a longlist. Each longlisted candidate is then benchmarked against our ideal candidate profile to inform the final shortlist and final selection phase.

Our Approach To Non-Executive Search




Ideal Candidate Profile


Search & Selection



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